How To Request A Song From A DJ

Published: 09 Jun 2011

Some DJs love getting requests, others hate it. Personally I love getting requests. It's you guys that come and support me playing so why not have a little input into what songs are played.

These are just a few not too serious tips about how to increase the chances of getting your request played. Firstly, don't be afraid to approach the DJ but also be aware that the DJs job is to pay attention to the whole venue, not just you (unless you happen to be a celebrity).

Be patient, they may be mixing or writing down the last persons request so they don't forget it when they start talking to you. It would suck if the DJ forgot *your* request because the next person was impatient too!

A DJ is more likely to play your request if you start with a compliment or at least a greeting.
e.g. The right way: "Man, you really have the crowd pumping tonight, great job."
The wrong way: "This music is sh*t! Play something different."

Try and be a bit educated in your request. The DJ will respect you for it.... and they might even play it!
e.g. The right way: "I see you just played a J Lo song. Could you play something by Rihanna?"
The wrong way: "Have you got that one that goes na na na na come on?"

Come to the DJ booth prepared. e.g. The right way: "My friends and I were talking and wondered if you could play Black Eyed Peas or LMFAO?"
The wrong way: "What have you got? Can I look at all your songs?"

Lastly, the requests that I always think are fun are the weirdest ones. Who knows? You might just get 'The Gambler' at peak dancefloor time!

If you have a particularly interesting or strange song you like to request when you go out clubbing or at a wedding, let me know on twitter. Thanks!

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Awesome ! Great mix of music that had everyone up dancing all night. Waiting to confirm the date for our function next year and we' ll hopefully be able to book you again.... If you can fit us in.
Sports Function 2013

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