The Swamp Nitespot

Published: 10 Jun 2011

The Swamp
Photo by Robert Cherry

I have been DJing semi-regularly at The Swamp for the past few weeks. The Swamp Nitespot is part of the Islington Tavern just a few minutes south of Christchurch.

It is a locals pub but the younger crowd gather there on Friday and Saturday nights. Most weekends there are bus trips going out there with lots of young party goers in all sorts of costumes ready to drink and dance.

The atmosphere is relaxing and safe with plenty of security. The style of music I play there when I DJ there is mostly newish chart music with a few oldies thrown into the mix. Check some of my recent playlist here. I'm open to requests when DJing as always, so don't be shy, come and say hello.

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hey rob Thank you so so much for your hard work being our dj at our wedding, you were awesome and had everyone up on their feet! As usual we didn't want you to stop. We could have partied into the early early hours! Will def be recommending you ??
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